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Books about Zombies

Braaaaiiiinnnss, braaaiiiinnnnsss.......
Ghoulish dark flesh eating and blood dripping books about zombies.

- Forest of hands and teeth by Carrie Ryan
- The dead tosses waves by Carrie Ryan
- Warm bodies by Isaac Marion
- You are so undead to me By Stacey Jay
- Undead much? by by Stacey Jay
- Generation dead Series by Daniel Waters
- Pride and prejudice and zombie by ane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
- Married with zombies by Jesse Petersen
- Flip this zombie by Jesse Petersen
- Eat, slay, love by Jesse Petersen

And we know there many many more. We will try our best to update the list frequenly to make this list as complete as possible.